Why change to Raw Pet Food?

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

At Pawsome Raw our aim is to re-invent how dog and cat owners think about, approach and fulfil their pets’ nutrition requirements.
Our Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food is antibiotic and hormone free.

Longer, Happier & Healthier Lives

We are especially passionate on how to improve the probability that pets live longer, happier and healthier lives through their nutrition and would very much like to share that with you; such that we inspire you to become a part of our journey, as we share our experience, education and guidance around the health and nutrition of “fur-kids” – and of course, the outcomes.

Easy to use Raw Pet Food Meal Plans

Our combination of the very best nutrition and easy to use meal plans have our customers’ dogs and cats absolute best at heart… and with everything we do, we always have this in mind.

Always with LOVE and PASSION

Pawsome Raw's mission is to be more than a pet food company; rather an ethical, social, environmentally conscious and best practice-based movement in the raw pet food industry - always with LOVE and PASSION.

very best value for money

Our "dream come true" is the conversion of all pets to PAWSOME RAW fed "fur -kids”. We provide this dream at an affordable price with a guarantee of the exceptional quality; in short, the very best value for money!

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

Top Grade Nutrition 4 Your Pets

Make the best decision for your Fur-Kid today!