You are what you eat

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The question though, is what is the best food to feed domesticated dogs or cats, such that we achieve a long and healthy life for our pets?
Have you tried a Raw Pet Food Diet?

A Balanced Diet for your Pet

At Pawsome Raw we believe that a good diet can contribute to a long and healthy life and even psychological well-being for our pets.

The reality is our dogs and cats are carnivores and by feeding a proper balanced diet with a variety of meat-based protein sources, you are providing the food nature intended.

At Pawsome Raw we try to mimic the Prey-model diet, this resembles the diet of a dog or cat in the wild before it became domesticated and from there our focus on a variety of protein sources. As a “pre-prepared” diet we have spent significant time in perfecting our recipes to provide a balanced diet; especially protein, fats, bone (which is minced into our food) and phosphorous.

We provide all our food constituents in a natural “food state”, which naturally provide the appropriate vitamins and minerals as part of the diet.

antibiotic & hormone free Pet Food

We have further bolstered our recipes with the addition of seasonal roasted vegetables in some of our products. Vegetables also provide your dog with a wide range of vitamins and minerals that can work alongside the amino acids and other nutrients found in meat and muscle meat, we roast our vegetables to kick-start the digestive process.

The inclusion of “raw boney meals” (RMB) to get the “fur-kids” chewing is an important part of our feeding philosophy. Chewing is an essential action when it comes to carnivores, especially for the release of serotonin (happy hormone) in the brain, as well as teeth cleaning. Just a word of caution… always provide these under supervision.

We believe – “you are what you eat”, so we have gone to great lengths to make sure our meats are sourced from ethical suppliers which are antibiotic and hormone free.

Raw Dog Food Philosophy