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Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

All of our Raw Dog Food and Raw Cat Food naturally provides the appropriate vitamins and minerals as part of the diet.

At Pawsome Raw we are all about “gut-health” and we view the gut as the foundation for good health for our pets. The old adage “we are what we eat” has never been truer and especially applicable to our pets – remember, dogs and cats are carnivores and therefore a predominantly protein diet is what nature intended.

Millions of pets eat kibble and millions fill vets’ rooms with a range of health issues that can be traced back to diet and bad “gut-health”. This would include bad breath and gum issues, various gut-related illnesses, diseases and allergies.

Common Health Problems

Poor Coat Condition

Your pet’s fur is around 90% protein, which means that if your pets’ coat is dry and brittle it is most likely related to poor quality protein or lack of appropriate (natural) protein in the diet. A healthy coat is a shiny coat, thus if your pet’s coat is dull and lifeless, chances are the diet is lacking essential fatty acids (required to metabolise protein), which would maintain a beautiful shine. Odorous skin and fur is often attributed to candida yeast which is triggered and overpopulates when the diet contains carbohydrates and sugars.

Tooth & Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats; and is entirely preventable by including raw meaty bones in your pets’ diet. By three years of age, most dogs and cats have some evidence of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease begins when bacteria in the mouth form plaque that sticks to the surface of the teeth which is directly caused by the ingredients found within commercial kibble.

Candida Yeast

A yeast infection is a sure sign the immune system is not working properly and the gut is out of balance with bad flora i.e. the intestinal environment is overgrown with candida yeast, which interferes with the natural absorption and metabolism, creating an unbalanced biome. A candida yeast infection will often present with itchy ears and skin, with “beer” smell. Broad spectrum antibiotics destroys 90% of gut flora, good and bad, which gives bad bacteria and yeast the leverage to overpopulate when the good bacteria are not present to stop it. Feeding foods high in starches, grains, and carbohydrates feeds candida which ultimately encourages the growth of bad flora, increasing the imbalance within the gut.

Digestive Complications

It has been illustrated that the stomach pH of a dog on a balanced raw food diet such as Pawsome Raw is in the 2-3 range, which is very acidic, as this very acidic environment promotes the breakdown of protein to amino acids. A kibble diet is often jam packed with processed low-quality proteins, carbohydrates, grains, starches, additives, and preservatives which directly affect gastrointestinal health, as it leads to a more alkaline environment with a pH of 5-7. The low pH associated with a balanced raw fed diet enhances the immune system as very few bacteria and other baddies will survive this very acidic environment, thus creating a natural barrier to some of the crazy stuff our dogs and cats sometime ingest. The immune system resides 70-80% within the gut and maintaining a healthy gut means a healthier life. Ingredients within kibble often irritate the GI and promote inflammation which ultimately creates more health issues… all of which can be negated by switching to Pawsome Raw.

Liver Complications

Liver disease has multiple causes such as genetics, parasites, trauma, over vaccination/medication, and poisoning. Once liver complications are diagnosed, diet modification can be a factor in managing the disease and can help reverse liver complications, as the liver is the only organ that can regenerate, with the proviso that it receives the appropriate building blocks, i.e. amino acids from natural protein.


Over 50% of pets over the age of 10 years are diagnosed with cancer at some point. Cancer is caused by multiple factors including genetics, environmental pesticides, vaccinations and diet, although diet alone is not a major factor indicating cancer, it plays a major role once cancer has been diagnosed. As stated before kibble is high in carbs and sugars which can be a “feeder” environment for cancer, giving it the tools to grow and spread. …and that is just the tip of the iceberg… We currently live in a world where commercial food is promoted as “high quality” even after our pets suffer countless illnesses and diseases – at an ever-increasing rate. Responsible pet parents need to consider alternative routes to optimize your companion’s health to provide them with the tools to sustain a longer, vibrant, and thriving life – in short provide the nutrition that nature would have if you weren’t there.

Benefits of using pawsome raw

White Teeth & Fresh Breath

Through the natural teeth cleaning benefits provided from a raw diet, dogs and cats experience fresh breath, healthy gums, and white teeth. Large cuts and raw meaty bones (RMBs) provide teeth cleaning benefits to raw fed pets. Muscle tissues acts like natural floss and RMBs scrape calcified tartar that have built up on the surface of teeth.

Ideal Weight Maintenance

An all-natural, species appropriate, natural protein-based, raw diet increases the metabolic rate in dogs and cats. This process allows them to lose unwanted fat and gain a desirable increase in muscle mass. Physical condition can be further improved when paring a raw diet with a regular workout routine. Weight maintenance becomes as easy as increasing or decreasing portion size and because the gut is now fed with biologically appropriate and balanced Pawsome Raw diet, you’ll notice a change in your pets’ weight almost immediately.

Improved Coat Condition

Skin and coat health is one of the first changes you’ll see when feeding a Pawsome Raw, as it is free of any processed foods, artificial preservatives, additives and low quality proteins. Our diet and feeding programme provides the essentials to maintain a thick and shiny coat.

Stronger Immune System

A Pawsome Raw diet stabilizes and strengthens the immune system. Feeding raw provides a natural source of protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients, which are essential in improving the immune function. And with an optimal immune system you have the foundation to fight diseases and prevent future illnesses – with less vets’ bills.

Stabilized Energy Levels

Unlike humans, dogs and cats metabolize their energy from raw animal fat instead of carbohydrates, that is why a balanced Pawsome Raw diet contains the appropriate level of fat and free of unwanted starches, carbs and sugars, which could spike energy levels and then fade very quickly. Therefore, our feeding programme, with the appropriate level of (quality) animal fats aids in stabilising energy levels for your pets.

Smaller & Less Odorous Stools

Since a dog and cat’s digestive tract is short and lacks complexity (a further reason for them classified as carnivores), a number of food constituents such as carbs, fillers etc, common in commercial kibble diets, pass either partially- or undigested, through the intestines and end up as bulk waste (or large poo, which someone has to clean up). A Pawsome Raw diet consists only of natural and appropriate nutrients in a natural “food-state”, as nature intended and to this end most nutrients are efficiently metabolised to leave much smaller poo’s.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food