How to make the switch to raw

Now that you understand why raw foods are better for your dog, let’s talk about transitioning. The most important thing to grasp is that transitioning to raw dog food does not have a “one size fits all” approach. Each dog may handle the following options in a different manner.

You have two choices. There are pros and cons to every method.

A cold turkey switch

We prefer and believe the transition to raw dog food should happen immediately. A rapid switch is a simple, no-nonsense approach.

We suggest that if you take this approach prepare your dog’s gut with some digestive enzymes and raw apple cider vinegar in their water. Raw goats milk kefir is also a great aid to help the gut.

The cold turkey switch is also for confident dog owners. Always remember for each dog, it can be different.

Please Contact us, we are happy to assist to successfully change your fur-child over to Pawsome Raw.

A gradual switch

You transition to raw dog food gradually. For most dogs, this is a one to two-week period. Many dogs need time to get their system up and running with a new diet. By slowly introducing new foods, we can decrease the risk of gastrointestinal (GI) upset.

We suggest that if you want to do a gradual switch, you do move away from kibble but start off with a partially cooked diet. If you’re transitioning from a regular diet to a raw diet, cook plain mince as part of the food and mix it in with the rest of the complete raw meals to make the transition more palatable and also raise the temperature.

Gradually reduce the amount of cooked mince till your pet is happy to just eat the Raw food. This should take about 10 days for a full transition. Remember to be patient.

Ready to Make the switch?

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You are in control of your Dog's Health

As a pet parent, you are in control of your dog’s health. Our dogs don’t live in the wild making decisions based on instinct anymore. They live in our modern world and don’t necessarily know what’s best for them.

It’s your duty to be a firm pet parent and feed food that is healthy.