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Brought to you by Pawsome Raw in collaboration with Dr. Morné Strydom MBChB (Pret), BSc (MedSci), MPharmMed, AC Clin Pharm (SA), PhD

A balanced raw diet has many benefits for your pet. Pet owners may list several reasons that motivated them in the past to switch their dogs to a balanced raw diet. Some of these reasons may be due to grain intolerances that precipitated as skin allergies, or gastrointestinal symptoms like intermittent diarrhoea. Although many pets respond very well to balanced raw diets, some owners may remain frustrated by persisting symptoms that motivated them in the first place to make the switch to raw, even after a vet has cleared the pet from other possible medical causes. “This should not happen on a full raw diet, right?”, you may ask yourself.

The real honest question you must ask yourself is:

“Does my pet really follow a fully raw diet… when considering his treats as well?”

We tend to forget treats as part of our pet’s total diet. Treats may have the potential to make or break the holistic approach to a balanced raw diet.

Your choice in “treat product” may undo some of the benefits a fully raw diet may offer to your pet. Store bought treats are often grain-based baked biscuits, riddled with artificial flavours and preservatives. A daily treat of such a product may seem insignificant to you, however, it may just be enough to trigger an inflammatory response in your pet. If you are allergic to a specific product, you do not need big volumes of exposure to trigger an allergic response. Think about peanut allergy in humans…

Ever wondered why some seemingly unrelated products are legally required to print warning labels on its packaging for possible peanut exposure? Small trace amounts are more than capable to trigger a massive allergic response. Be informed about the ingredients of your chosen pet treats and ask yourself whether it would benefit or risk your pet. You can also make healthier choices when selecting a treat for your pet.

Organic dog treats have higher nutritional value

Organic dog treats have higher nutritional value than most treats that is mass produced and available in stores. Being made from natural ingredients, using organic ingredients means there are no pesticides or fertilizers used to grow the produce, which makes the treats even safer and more nutritious for your pet.

Pawsome Treats are made using certified organic ingredients. This means our ingredients are sourced from suppliers that do not use modern synthetics like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Irradiation, chemical food additives and industrial solvents are also avoided. We are proud to say the Pawsome team go to great lengths to ensure that our ingredients are honest and of outstanding quality.

Pawsome Raw offers the follow treats currently:
Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Carni Salami

This brand new version of our old Carni-Worz is made from Venison muscle meat, Venison liver, lungs and heart we rinse it in raw apple cider vinegar and then proceed to create thinly sliced salami discs that is airdried and ready as the perfect training treat, Carni Salami is sold in 150g packets and needs to be kept dry and cool.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Bosveld Salami

Made from venison tripe minced and soaked in raw apple cider vinegar. Bosveld salami is an exotic bosveld treat, dogs consider this as a high value treat and no nose can ignore the temptation.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Liver Biscotti

A novel take, on traditional liver bread. Made from duck, rabbit or ostrich liver dried in bite size bits. This is a great training treat and not as messy as liver bread. Made from organic coconut flour it is a great alternative to biscuits loaded with regular flower and gluten.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Country Cookies

Duck, rabbit or ostrich liver mixed with fresh Turmeric and Ginger pulp and juice. We also add Rosemary, Alfalfa, Dandelion, Fenugreek seed, Kelp, Nettle, Rosehip, and Rooibos tea. Country cookies are healthy and definitely a great addition to your dog’s diet.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Barnyard Cookies

Made with venison liver we added Rooibos crunch, Moringa crunch, Cranberries, Banana chips, Pumpkin seeds. Bite size discs dried to form the perfect reward and low-calorie snack for your pet.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Salmon Biscotti

Minced Salmon dried in coarse bite sized treats ideal for both Cats and dogs. Watch out fingers may be lost when treating your dog with this brand-new snack.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food Specialist, Raw Pet Food

Liver Loaf

A 450 g liver bread loaf baked with organic ingredients, made with coconut flower and eggs, it is a perfect soft treat for puppy school and obedience training, remember this must be fed as part of daily food allowance.