Farmstyle Select – V28872 – 1Kg Tub

Perfect for all dogs of all ages and growing stages
  • Cats will also love this complete minced meal

Replacing kibble, and with it starch, leads the way toward healthier gut bacteria, balanced blood sugar and a better endocrine system- and that’s just the beginning…


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Nutritional Composition Crude Protein: Min 22%; Moisture: Max 70%
Crude Fat: 10%; Crude Fibre: Max 2,2%
Max 5%; Calcium 0,8%; Phosphorous 0,4%


Only Top Quality portions and cuts are used.
Chicken: Breasts, thighs, wings, drumsticks, skins, fat & organs
Turkey: Drumsticks, meaty backs & necks
Beef: Neck trimmings, tongue, lungs, spleen & black tripe
Lamb: Skirt meat, liver, heart, kidneys
Ostrich: Goulash trimmings, heart, liver & meaty tailbones
NO Vegetables added


Feeding Recommendations:
"(please contact us for information on feeding quantities)"
Adult Dogs & Cats: Low activity 2% of bodyweight; Medium activity 2,5% of bodyweight; High activity 3% of bodyweight
Puppies & Kittens: 5-8% of bodyweight

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