How to Order your Pawsome Raw Pet Food:

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

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Why Pawsome Raw is now using online orders?

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

I am sure many of you are feeling overwhelmed with our new ordering system and we totally understand that this may be daunting to some of you; I for one am definitely not the world’s most techno advanced soul.

Pawsome Raw has made this decision for 2 main reasons:

  1. Business Integration: This makes our stock control easier and help to reduce errors when products are ordered and then may be out of stock – and we then have egg on our face.
  2. Order Flow Management: This way we can be better prepared to schedule deliveries and be able to schedule your orders according to order dates. A lot easier to control when all the orders come through 1 gateway.
By using an online order system we are cutting down on many man hours and it will help us in being more efficient and less error prone.

We have been working on a system for over 2 years to make your life easier and less painful when placing orders and one of the major advantages is that ass soon as your first online order is placed you will get a reminder and an option to just repeat your order when you need to order again, this will help you manage your stock as well which should mean no more last minute crisis orders for us.

Our Aim is not to make your life more complicated but rather more manageable and less hassle to order your fur kids’ food!

Why are we using OZOW as a payment system?

We have done a lot of research on the best and most secure platform to use to eliminate fraud and make it as cost effective as possible for us.

If possible, we prefer that you use the website payment option! This streamlines the process and our business integration, which then requires no manual intervention from our side, therefore, eliminating errors.

Ozow is a payment gateway and it links to your preferred bank account and still requires the normal authorisation and OTP from your account as a normal EFT transaction before it will release the money from your account to our account. Please note this is not a third-party payment mechanism, as the effected payment is deposited directly into our bank account, exactly as if you did an EFT to us. Ozow just facilitates in giving us the proof of payment and that the payment has been successful. It is essentially a conduit into your bank’s online website.

We have already received more than 250 transactions through the website, with minimum hassle and no issues, I assure you it is much easier and very secure.

We understand that it is a bit uncertain at first, but we decided on Ozow as it is the same secure platform that household e-commerce giants such as,, I-Store, Woolworths, Superbalist, Flight Centre and many more are using.