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How To Get A Picky Dog To Eat A Raw Diet

It’s a new year and you’ve decided 2019 is the year to start feeding your dog a balanced raw diet. You’ve done the research. You know the benefits. You’re excited to be feeding a natural and healthy diet to your furry friend because he’s going to be healthier and happier. He’s going to be the epitome of health; what any dog should be!

Next thing you know, you’re standing there, and your picky eater isn’t even remotely interested in the awesome raw meal in front of him. He takes a few sniffs, gives you a weird look and walks away.

Don’t be discouraged, this happens to many new raw feeders! The problem is that your dog just doesn’t know what to do with it. He’s eaten commercial, processed pet food his whole life and his new raw meal looks and smells quite different. Raw food has little odour compared to kibble. Initially, your dog may not realize this is food. He just needs a little bit of help.

There are basically two ways to deal with this: patience and the use of a few disguises.

Patience and a Little Bit of Tough Love

It’s important that you be extremely patient when making the switch. Once you’ve put the raw meal in front of your dog, walk away. Let him figure it out. Give him about 15 minutes or so. If he hasn’t eaten it yet, simply (without emotion) pick it up and put it away. Now, whatever you do, don’t give in and don’t provide other food in the meantime! No training treats, table scraps, rawhide, or other dog’s chews or treats. If you provide something else, it will take longer for your dog to cave. Another crucial tip to remember is NOT to make a fuss if you’re dog doesn’t eat. Don’t coax him into eating. Don’t throw fearful or nervous energy out there. Don’t baby talk him and provide love and affection. If you do so, you’re just reinforcing his uncertainty about the new food and letting him know it’s okay to refuse his meals. Just stay calm, neutral, and indifferent.

A few handy tricks to help the transition:

1. Heat It Up – Raw means uncooked, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean cold. In fact, a lot of dogs refuse raw food simply because of its temperature. Owners of picky dogs should pay close attention to their pets’ preferences when it comes to food temperature. If you’re transitioning from a regular diet to a raw diet, cook plain mince as part of the food and blend it in with the rest of the complete meals to make the transition more palatable and also raise the temperature. Gradually reduce the amount of cooked mince till your pet is happy to just eat the Raw food. This should take about 10 days for a full transition. Remember to be patient.

2. Add Raw Goat’s Milk to the Meal. Too much dairy isn’t good for dogs, but raw goat’s milk is an exception. Adult dogs can digest it well, and it’s chock full of important nutrients such as calcium, B6, protein, and potassium. It’s also much lower in sugar than cow’s milk and has twice as much vitamin A.

3. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top.

4. Add low sodium chicken or beef broth

Above all, Hang in There!

Remember, dogs can become addicted
to junk food just like we can.

As a pet parent, you are in control of your dog’s health. Our dogs don’t live in the wild making decisions based on instinct anymore. They live in our modern world and don’t necessarily know what’s best for them.

It’s your duty to be a firm pet parent and feed food that is healthful. Please contact us, we are happy to assist to successfully change your fur-child over to Pawsome Raw.

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