Sue Venter

Sue lives in Sandton with her partner Heath, she is Mum to 2 grown up married daughters and step Mum to 2 teenage boys. Sue has been actively involved in the pet industry for most of her life, having had her own kennels and a family of show jumpers and racehorses. She also bred German Shepherds for many years and always fed them raw food. Sue is not active in the breeding and showing world any longer but has a passion for correct nutrition in dogs and cats, this led her to finding Pawsome Raw, (that she calls “Awesome Pawsome”) and has such belief in this product that she wants to share the knowledge making pet owners understand what’s best for their pets!

Thank you Retha for trusting me to join your team and spread the word, educating parents of fur kids to give them the best of what nature intended…

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081 270 2544

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