Meet the Team - Odette
Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Eastern Cape

Odette Jardine

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

3 years ago, I was seriously considering returning to a Corporate career after having been at home for 12 years, farming and running kennels, both of which allowed me to raise my 2 children. At the same time, we had added a new pup to the home and he was raised on Pawsome Raw, which the breeder wanted us to continue with. At that stage Pawsome Raw was only available in Gauteng and logistics to the Eastern Cape were a complete nightmare.

Retha went out of her way to help me raise the pup with what was available here in East London, even though there was no financial benefit for her. After she sent me a cooler box of food with someone, I saw the difference in quality of the Pawsome Raw compared to what I was feeding and begged her to let me become her agent in the EC. But still logistics were a problem, and after a year we finally managed to sort it out and in June of 2017, I got my first 600kg of Pawsome Raw! Fast forward 2 years and we are selling over 2 tons a month in the region and growing every day.

I am eternally grateful for having been given the opportunity to buy the EC distributorship of Pawsome Raw, as it has enabled me to continue to have a part in my children’s lives as well as make a difference in the lives of pets in the Eastern Cape.

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