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Western Cape: Welgemoed

Michele Mostert

Beagle in Mind

Beagle in Mind is a non-profit educational trust with the aim of assisting owners by giving them the necessary tools to cope with problematic and often misunderstood behaviour of their Beagles (other breeds will benefit from the education also). The hope is to see fewer Beagles (& dogs) entered into the rescue system due to perceived behavioural issues.
At Beagle in Mind our main aim is to keep Beagles from entering (or re-entering) the rescue system. We will assist with advice, guidance, assessments through our experience of having fostered, cared for and worked with over 700 Beagles since 2013 as well as being Beagle parents since 2006.

Our approach is compassionate, understanding, without judgement and includes behavioural as well as holistic options. We do not give advice based solely on the dogs but on the relationship between hounds and humans when it comes to behaviour. When it comes to health our advice does not replace that of conventional veterinary care but based on our own research and personal experience.

We also have a canine nutrition specialist on our team for questions related to health and nutrition. We are a very proud Pawsome Raw ambassador through experience of feeding our own dogs raw. A percentage of every sale goes towards Beagle in Mind.

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