Meet the Team - Lorraine
Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

PE & Garden Route

Lorraine Fenton

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Lorraine is the face of our PE distribution. She is mom to 5 dogs two cats and 4 horses. A Qualified Riding Instructor and Equine Ethologist. Married to Gavin who is a pilot with SAA. Two daughters Kia and Kelly. Her friend, Odette introduced her to raw food and she soon realised the benefits when she started feeding their Jack Russel Terrier who had skin problems with great results.

Soon all 5 her dogs, including Rottie puppy were on Pawsome Raw. She wanted to make an educated contribution to Her dogs and friends animals nutrition and did the Raw Dog food nutrition specialist course through DMU. Lorraine is a valuable member of the Pawsome team. Her hobbies Horse riding and dog training.

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