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Pawsome Raw’s raw pet food. A healthy, balanced diet for your pet

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

Our Best Raw Pet Food Products

Our combination of the very best nutrition and easy to use raw pet food meal plans put your pet’s health and happiness first.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food


At Pawsome Raw we believe that a good diet can contribute to a long and healthy life and even the psychological well-being of our pets.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

The reality is our dogs and cats are carnivores and by feeding a properly balanced diet with a variety of meat-based protein sources, you are providing the food as nature intended. Pawsome Raw offers a premium quality balanced raw diet for dogs and cats. Our nutritionally formulated meals are made from human grade ingredients and offers a variety of complete and balanced meals designed to enhance optimum health in your pets.

Pawsome Raw only uses the best quality ingredients originating from pasture fed animals that is free from routine anti-biotics and hormones. 

We believe – “you are what you eat”, so we have gone to great lengths to make sure our meats are sourced from ethical suppliers which are antibiotic and hormone-free.

How to make the switch to Raw Pet Food

Special Spoils & training treats

High value Training Treats got a new meaning with Pawsome Raws Special Spoils and Training Treats for your dog.

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food

Holistic Hound

Read more on how and why Raw Pet Food will benefit you Fur Baby

Pawsome Raw - Raw Dog Food, Raw Pet Food